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IOS 8 introduced a new feature to show the battery usage per application. I noticed that the openremote iOS app was #1 in this list with 1/3 of the battery over the last 24 hours (I don't have longer stats, I resinstalled openremote app yesterday).

Is it possible to improve the app so it doesn't eat so much battery? I don't think it's justified for what it does (in my case, app in the background most of the time).

Any advice to configure it accordingly is also welcome, maybe I missed something


The iOS console does maintain a connection opened to the server all the time, in order to get the updates on any of the sensors it uses and having WiFi activity for a long time if power hungry.
However, when the application is in the background, this should not happen.

The version of the iOS console that is currently in the AppStore really needs an update.
A lot of work has already been done towards that new version but we have not managed so far to find the time to finish and submit that version.
Until that new code base has reach a stable point and been released, we can't look into and fix these types of issues.

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