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Hi All,

Can OpenRemote be configured to work with BX9000 ?

Hello John,

For Beckhoff related questions I would recommend using the contact form at

They may be able to contact the certified integrators with Beckhoff expertise.

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– Juha

Posted by juha at Oct 24, 2013 22:43

Hi Juha,

Thanks for your reply.

I had sent a request using the contact form, and in reply was asked to post my question on the forum.

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Posted by jnwalsh at Oct 24, 2013 22:55

Ok, sorry for putting you through a loop then. Shouldn't have happened.

Posted by juha at Oct 24, 2013 23:00

Looking at the BX9000 info here:

It would seem to sit below the CX series (which we've used) and which has the embedded PC functionality. Based on what I understand about the Beckhoff integration, it will require the embedded PC functionality of CX series to operate.

However, the BX9000 does support modbus TCP which is pretty high on a list of feature wishes. I haven't looked at whether the modbus TCP can be used directly from the existing (somewhat limited) TCP functionality in OpenRemote Designer. I know some have tried but I've no idea if they were successful.

There's also a mention of ADS/TCP and ADS/UDP protocols which I'm not familiar with.

Integrating Beckhoff devices via modbus TCP would be quite a bit nicer way than the current method used with the embedded PC functionality with the CX series. Would be a great addition to OR suite. All I'm missing is free time and a functioning BX9000 unit :-P

The modbus is generic enough to cover other devices, not just limited to the BX9000. It's just too bad we haven't had chance to add modbus tcp yet (not hugely complicated piece of work, just needs one developer to spend a little time on it).

So either needs:

  • to find one dev to do the job (not very complicated implementation)
  • or chase after the modbus tcp threads on these forums to see if anyone at all has gotten it to work

So some work to-do there. If you have the skillset or know someone who does, I'd be happy to give some pointers on modbus tcp implementation.

Posted by juha at Oct 24, 2013 23:24
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