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Hi all,

I would like to have some guidence in my search on knowledge.
I am building a tech demo for my home, just to see if its possible to build wat i have in mind for some time.

In short, I would like to combine Weather information, comming home detection, XBMC and Philips Hue all togetter.

At this point i am trying to figure out how to:

  • use variables in HTTP addresses and data
  • a way to build an action based on a sensor or variabel.

Unfortunatly i still havent found the right information.

Any help would be great.

P.S. I am running OpenRemote on my Syno.

wunderground.png (image/png)

I can answer the part on Weather data, because that is what I use.
As source for my weatherdata I signed up for a free account at
At 5 minutes interval I download the local XML data to the subdirectory private that I made under webapps in the OpenRemote directory tree. As the free account allows only 500 API calls per day, and in OR I do need to make a call for every single value, this download was needed.
The data I read with a URL to the Synology directory a the following XPATH expression:


I did use XPATH round(concat(//response/current_observation/wind_gust_kph,"")) because I needed an integer value for further processing.

I did use the following URL's to retrieve the XML files<your personal key>/conditions/q/nl/<your place>.xml<your personal key>/forecast/q/nl/<your place>.xml
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Here is the page that describes how to deal with XPath

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