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I have bought a license for OpenRemote Professional Designer.
However I can't find any option on your website for creating an account for Professional Designer. Hence I'm unable to download any software.
In the confirmation email after purchase there were no info about how to create account.
Kindly send me information about creating an account for Professional Designer.


I think all the information you need should be in the email that is sent after you bought the Pro account.

If you can't find this email, try contacting the support team directly.


The download link for the controller will be in the top right hand corner of the online designer, once you've set up a designer user name.

Good luck

Posted by mdar at Dec 29, 2015 14:37

This is the only information I have received:


View in your browser:

Thank you for your order. Please retain this receipt for your records. If you would like to update your payment card for future transactions, please use this link:


ORDER SUMMARY: --------------------------------------------

  • Merchant: OpenRemote
  • Order #: xxx
  • Date: Mon 28 Dec 2015 09:12:34 AM CST
  • Order Total: USD 150.00

PURCHASING INFORMATION: -----------------------------------


Billing Address:

CART -------------------------------------------------------
Professional Designer

  • Code: xxxx
  • Quantity: 1
  • Price: USD 150.00

Subtotal: USD 150.00
Handling: USD 0.00
Order Total: USD 150.00

I have sent numerous emails to support team, but have not received any response.

Posted by gw400 at Dec 29, 2015 14:41

Ooh I see.

I must confess that I can't remember how I set my OR Pro user name, I have a funny feeling it was done for me (a long story).

During the purchase process, were you asked to create a user name?

If so, try entering it here :-

Posted by mdar at Dec 29, 2015 15:51

Just to check,

Have you received the other email with your account details in now?

If not, can you check your spam folder?



Posted by mdar at Dec 29, 2015 16:22

Yes, I have received email now.
Thank's a lot!
Kjell Inge

Posted by gw400 at Dec 29, 2015 17:20
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