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Did I imagine it or was there a browser 'control' available in a version of designer about a week ago? I went back to it a couple of days later and couldn't see it in the list of designer objects - was it there or am I losing it?? I quite liked the idea of dipping into my security cam stream.

You went to a different version of the Designer.

Try this one:

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 08, 2015 12:35

thats the badger - thanks!

Posted by rich.sperrin at Jan 08, 2015 19:32

Probably worth pointing out that using the Markab designer along with OpenRemote\-2.0\-Android.akp provides the correct resolution on my Android devices which provides considerable more real estate and a much better quality graphics. It will require all new panels though :-/
And dont forget to disable auto-refresh on devices that you dont want to update! The regular OR2 Android download scales the graphics much larger than the corrected graphices using the AKP.

Posted by rich.sperrin at Jan 10, 2015 12:46
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