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Hi there

I'm slowly building more items into my screens, but have found a couple of minor issues.

a) I can't seem to disable gestures. I've got two panels for lights (a "main" panel and (currently) a single "device" panel).
I've got a horizontal slider for brightness on the device panel, and if I drag "left to right" on the slider, it frequently "gestures" back to the main panel (ala left to right swipe).

If that happens, the brightness command isn't issued, but when I return to the device screen, the slider jumps to where I would have left it, and issues the brightness command.

b) Changing config on the gestures doesn't seem to do anything. I set L2R and R2L gestures to force the controller "back" to the same screen, but it seems to ignore that

c) Vertical sliders seem slower to respond in issuing commands? I changed a horizontal to vertical (to try to avoid the gesture/fling problem) and the command now only seems to be issued when I move the slider and "tap" somewhere else?

Sorry if these are known issues

What console are you using ? iOS, Android, Web ?

Gestures should not be enabled by default. However, if you have multiple screens in the same group, then you can automatically swipe between them. Is that the gesture you're referring to ?

Posted by ebariaux at Sep 09, 2013 15:56


I'm using the preview designer with an Android console (no custom dimensions as yet)

I figured out that you can "swipe" between screens regardless (so my (b) point is null & void) - although the horizontal slider/accidental swipe (a) happens quite a lot :\ as a result, I've put each "screen" into it's own group and setup navigation accordingly.

My GlobalCache IP2IR controller has arrived today so I suspect I'll be extending more things shortly.

One other question - will we will able to "upload" a back to the web?

I ask as I've now learned (the hard way) to "save/export" a so I can manually load it on my home controller if I screw up an edit - but "reverting" the online copy would be really handy

Posted by ptruman at Sep 09, 2013 16:03
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