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Udated Apr 1st 2013.

Using the last versions I have noticed the following bugs:
1. When a Web Console is open, sync of the latest rule version generates error. The error does not effect anything.
2. From time to time I get KNX dosconnect fail error although the KNX router is OK (a Schneider one). I have to take the RJ-45 out and then in and it works.
3. After I clean log files folder and KNX logs, it gets messy. Lots of errors. I have no specific idea how I have solved it but it took lots of sync activity.
4. From time to time when I load a new image it is displayed too smal (related to its original size). Only when I choose a different panel and return to the original panel it is updated to the proper size.
5. The Web Console does not work from a PC different from the one that runs the controller. <--- Important
6. Update The Android stopped functioning when using a cellular (3G etc.) connection.
The issue is of the new controller verion as the old Android version does not work under 3G as well. <--- Important
7. The support of RTL languages is not working when using numbers and test.
8. I have experienced some problem with Event in KNX but this am not about this one - I have to re-check.

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