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I have made several pages with all kind of buttons / sliders / weather and so on.
On one of my pages I have a strange issue. As you can see there are some buttons overlapping.
But the strange thing is that they are not always there. When I close the app on the iPhone and reopen the app they can be gone or not.
I want to remove these buttons can not select them.

Any idea how to get rid of these buttons?

Does this happen on webconsole as well, or only on this apple thing?

Posted by pz1 at Aug 11, 2014 08:05

I don't know because my webconsole doesn't stop loading. No screen will appear.
I did not look into the webconsole issue yet.

I updated the webconsole and now it is working.
The "extra" buttons do not appear in the webconsole.
Maybe it is a iPhone bug.

Posted by placemaster at Aug 11, 2014 21:10

Maybe it is a iPhone bug

Sorry can't help you there. Maybe Eric knows

Posted by pz1 at Aug 12, 2014 07:46
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