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Hi folks:

1) It's possible to do something like this with HTTP rest and C#?

If yes, then i will start.

2) Can i create or update a macro from HTTP rest? for example, if i have a macro that start at 07:00 am, now i want to start at 09:00.

3) If i load a panel and all devices from HTTP rest to my C# app and i want to change the x,y pos of a light or swith, can i update or save this into controller?


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1) You can trigger commands on the controller with the HTTP, yes – so simple on/off functions, setting slider values are possible

2) Not at the moment.

3) No. The management functions are not yet part of the REST API – only the control commands.

Posted by juha at Oct 27, 2011 15:23

Today i've started a WPF C# app and OpenRemote HTTP rest.

So, if i can't update info into controller or macros i think that i need to add a browser control into my app and load the Designer, right?

then, can i customize the designer colors (current blue to black?) and make fonts bigger?.


Posted by cyberox at Oct 27, 2011 21:45
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