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I'm new here and am already very long on practice and not get ahead.
I need help, please

My hardware is:
1 Raspberry PI B+
1 Controller Enocean PI 868 Typ TCM 310
1 Operation System: Debian Jessie
1 OpenRemote 2.1.1

2 4-Channel button PTM210 (Omnio WS / R101)
5 Multifunction Switch Actor UPS 230/10 (Omnio)

The controller Enocean TCM 310 is on the board (Whitout USB).

The switches and actuators are linked and function.

Configuration of Enocean

Failed to connect to En Ocean module: Starting [COM port: /dev/ttyAMA0@57600, Protocol: ESP3, Communication Layer: RXTX] failed: Code=6, RootCode=0

Configuration of 4-Channel button PTM210 (Omnio WS/R101)

Failed to send 'Command (ID 0x00000001', EEP (Type='F6-02-01', Command='ON'))':Missing EnOcean interface connection

If sombody can help me, I would be very happy.


Enocean_mit_NULL.JPG (image/jpeg)
Switch_ON.JPG (image/jpeg)
Switch_OFF.JPG (image/jpeg)
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