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I want to call an external app from openremote android controller.
Anyone can help-me, giving directions about the best places to change the code and add this kind of feature ?

My first need is to open Ip Cam Viewer, to view my home camera:

Other ideas for calling apps from openremote :

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to find a way to launch external apps from openremote on my android tablet like a Keyboard/Mouse Emulator when I go to PC control.

Someone know if it is possible ? and if yes, how ?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,


Posted by macfly92 at Sep 06, 2013 18:03

It is possible as far as in the Android SDK does allow you to do this. There's no code for it in the codebase currently so it will require some Java programming skills to put it in there.

Posted by juha at Sep 06, 2013 21:34
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