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I am looking for a method to change an icon/image as a result of the status wof my weather station (Rain/No Rain).

Any ideas of who to do that.

Three Images.png (image/png)

Create a switch with different ON and OFF images. Connect it to Rain and No Rain sensors.

Posted by aktur at Mar 30, 2013 11:11

Thanks. It is clear to me that a swich has 2 icons but these is currentrly nothing to switch.

Posted by niraviry at Mar 30, 2013 12:05

Nothing to switch yet (I think in the future we will be able to do it anyway) so the switch command does nothing. You will use only sensory part of the switch.

Posted by aktur at Mar 30, 2013 12:07

Then just use an image and link it to a sensor

Posted by ebariaux at Mar 30, 2013 13:02

Using an image will not work as it only has one image to be used. I have used a switch with no command but just a sensor.
In need rain now as ir is almost summer here in Israel and chances of rain are very low and the weather station is on the roof....

Posted by niraviry at Mar 30, 2013 18:39

An image by default defines one image.
If you link a sensor, then you can link 1 image per sensor state (in addition to the default image, which will be used until the sensor has provided a value).
If you link a switch sensor, you'll get the possibility to define on and off images.

Posted by ebariaux at Mar 30, 2013 18:45

Thanks Eric.
Looks like it is OK.
I have to dance the rain dance to save me the truble of going to the roof and have some water over the sensor...

Posted by niraviry at Mar 30, 2013 18:55

Somehow I don't get this to work. The images do not appear on the screen. Must be something trivial that I overlooked.

In my system I have a ThermostatMode sensor that reads one of the values: "Off", "Heat", "Energy Saving Heat", and a fourth that I do not use yet. The values are retrieved with an http call, that strips off the quotes. (I also tried without stripping)
I made a custom sensor that just passes these values through. That sensor works OK as can be seen from a text label on my test screen.

To select the appropriate icon for each of these screens, I have made an additional sensor on this same http call. In that custom sensor I did the following mapping:

Name     Value
0        Off
1        Heat
11       Energy Save Heat

Is it because there are two sensors on one command?

EDIT: Got it working with the following mapping

Name                Value
Off                 Off
Heat                Heat
Energy Save Heat    Energy Save Heat
Posted by pz1 at Jun 07, 2013 13:05
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