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Is it possible to change the text of a label at runtime?

Connect the label to a sensor.

Posted by mredeker at Jul 10, 2013 09:31

sorry. I mean from a rule... I want to build a string with warnings and show them to the user.

Posted by sinonimo at Jul 10, 2013 09:36

If the sensor is a custom sensor you can update the sensor value from rules.
You should find some examples searching the forums.

Posted by mredeker at Jul 10, 2013 09:38

An example how to do that is in my post about temperature sensor's calibration:

Posted by aktur at Aug 02, 2013 12:29

Nice article Michal. Thanks for sharing it.

– Juha

Posted by juha at Aug 02, 2013 13:11

You can, as I've done, subscribe to his blog. You'll see there is more interesting OR stuf on it.

Posted by pz1 at Aug 02, 2013 13:19
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