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Hi people,

I am a graduate student at carnegie mellon currently working on secure home networks for my master's thesis. I need to design a centrally managed home network as a first step for my research work. I have looked up a lot of forums and I am confused by the choices I have for designing a smart home. What I want to know is that which technology is the most convenient to program? I know there are API's for x10 devices and I have also seen the developers manual for INSTEON and that does not look friendly at all. What about Zigbee/Z Wave ? Are there enough such devices around? Are they open? I just need some suggestions on what would be the best choice for implementing a smart home.




it is hard to talk about "best" solution in abstract, it heavily depends on how much you want to spend.

X10 is just one of the oldest standards and everywhere. It is also very low cost. You will find it lacks in programming.  There are zigbee/zwave devices around yes.

Insteon is just a tad more expensive and reliable.  We do not support Insteon at the moment.  If you get around to programming for it we would welcome that contribution.

Then if you can spend more control 4,

more Lutron

more crestron etc

and I am only talking lights here.

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