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The design command button has a repeat option - works fine. Only problem is the delay and not sure if it is set somewhere and whether there is an option to change the delay. Currently when I hold the volume button the scale increases/decreases just quicker than 1 per second. The delay appears to be very deliberate so I am optimistic there is a delay setting somewhere! I did read that the iOS default is 300ms which would be 3 per second and that would be about right. My system is Android>Wifi>Windows7>IP>iTach-IP2IR.

The default for iOS is indeed 300ms, not sure if it's the same on Android (we should standardize but there are still some discrepancies).

There has been some development work done where this delay can be set in the Designer, but this has never been integrated in the main branch and requires quite a bit of preparation work to be able to do so.

Your best option for now would be that you could checkout the Android source code, change the hardcoded value and build a custom APK yourself.

Posted by ebariaux at Dec 06, 2013 08:39
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