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Hi guys, i'd like to use IDEA (on windows 7) to work on OpenRemote.
I have never really used a JAVA environment before.. other than the servlet and chart app I wrote specifically for OpenRemote.

I imported a project into IDEA using the existing .project Eclipse file and now it seems to be missing some libraries.. some of these do actually exists (and are actually added to the libs.. but not found..?) and other are nowhere to be found..

The weird thing is that using ant the controller builds just fine (or so it seems).
Here's a screenshot of the libraries that cannot be found..

I'll keep looking.. but if anyone has some pointers, please let me know (or should I just not be using IDEA with OpenRemote?)

Restlet: lib/core/restlet-jse-2.0.11
OpenRemote: lib/core/openremote
FlexJSON: lib/flexjson-2.1

Posted by juha at Dec 24, 2013 06:03

Thanks Juha, got it to compile, aparently IDEA doesn't simply find/imports those from the existing project..

Posted by bass at Dec 28, 2013 16:54
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