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I'm a Newbie doing a project on OpenRemote home automation
I want to do this but I'm confused with the Building molder components.
The scenario is " There is a motion capture device.(assume it is a X10 device).The OpenRemote controller should read the status of motion capture device(whether there is a motion or not) and then 'IF' there is
a motion a Lamp should be switched on.Is this possible ?How can I do this in the online designer ?
please guide me

I don't understand what is a 'sensor' for a Lamp-like devices?

Posted by dinushan at Jun 21, 2011 12:24

A sensor for a lamp is used to read back the status of the lamp in this case it's a switch sensor for on/off. You can assign a command to that sensor which is used to read back the status. This way you can use a wall switch but the OpenRemote controller still knows the status of the device.

Your other szenario can be achieved using the rule engine which is just beeing implemented. There you can react on sensors from one device and trigger actions on other devices. You will have to look into the 2.0alpha version. This is currently not supported by the modeller.

Posted by mredeker at Jun 22, 2011 09:12

Now it makes sense
With the help of Rule Engine that will easily be achieved.
Until I'm trying to use Shell Scripting to do some conditional controlling

Posted by dinushan at Jun 27, 2011 10:53
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