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I am still a newbie with OR and I keep making some trials. I have created sensors. One of those is really basic since it is to get the current time. I would like then to display the time on the screen, but using pictures to dispkay numbers in order to have the font I need.
I would need then to add a piece of code in order to tell OR which pics to displayed depending on the time. But I could not figure out the way to do this. Is it something that can be done? Or am I going the wrong way in terms of usage and capability?

Thanks for your help.

You would need a custom sensor for each display digit with 10 custom states. Each state would be your a single digit from 0 to 9. Then in the UI designer you would drop an image widget and link it with this sensor. For each sensor sate you would provide pictures with desired font. The custom sensor can be then set by rules according to the current time.

Posted by aktur at Jun 26, 2014 14:59

Thanks for your help on this subject. I still have some need for explanations
I have created a device that return the time with the format HH:mm
Then, if I understand well what you said in your last message, I create for exemple a sensor to display à 0.
I do create then a sensor:

  • I've name it display0
  • choose the command displaytime (the one from the created device)
  • Then there is the type... not sure what I should choose... as far as I understand, it should return a boolean.. is that mean I should choose a switch? But then where to parse the time to extract only the info I need?

I am sorry if all these question look really basics, but I have to admit I am a little bit lost.

Thanks again for the time you spent to help me.

Posted by emtee at Jun 26, 2014 21:57

You need one step more between the command which returns HH:mm and sensors which drive separate digits. The conversion need to be done in rules. This can be indeed a bit to dense for an OpenRemote beginner. I'll try to write an article how to do this step by step.

Posted by aktur at Jun 27, 2014 11:11

That would be a great help to me to have a step by step article.

Posted by emtee at Jun 27, 2014 12:18

By th eway, I never notice this rule part in the designer website
Then I better undertood the way to make things working (not only for this topic question). I was looking for an inline command editor.. Guess I got it now!

Posted by emtee at Jun 27, 2014 12:29
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