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Hello, first of all, excuse me for writing because I'm French.
I have an Iphone 4 , Openremote application V2.1.3 and my Ethernet Control System is a IPX800 V3.
My problem is the connection between Iphone and Openremote application.
I add a new controller ----> enter my controller URL:
and the application never find my controller.
Have you an idea?
Thanks for all


Can you access that same URL from Safari on your browser ?

Also the message that says that controller auto-discovery fails can be ignored, it pops up way too many times and must be handled better.
And if you enter the URL yourself, you can turn auto-discovery off on the iPhone.

Posted by ebariaux at Dec 02, 2013 08:13

Hello Eric and thanks for your answer.
Yesternight I have find the problem. I have change the URL in my Iphone
and now, it's OK.

But I have a new question, to use OpenRemote, I open one program and 3 web pages:
CMD: C:/OpenRemote/bin>OpenRemote Run
Web pages:
OpeenRemote Designer (draw the display for Iphone or Ipad)
OpenRemote Controler (save and upload program)
OpenRemote WebConsole (to try the program on web browser)
When all this program and pages are open, all is good, the application on my iphone is OK,
but if I close the program ( CMD: C:/OpenRemote/bin>OpenRemote Run) it's impossible for my Iphone to connect to my IPX800.
Is it normal??
Do I have to keep this program open?


Posted by petitrabot at Dec 02, 2013 15:20

You have to keep the command running.

CMD: C:/OpenRemote/bin>OpenRemote Run
Posted by atamariya at Dec 03, 2013 04:16
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