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Hi all,

after a long (very long) time not touching anything I was trying to get some things done new. I updated the controller (Ubuntu -> works), I synced the designer (works) and firstly started the webconsole (because I wanted to be sure everything works to get webconsole running on my lumia 930 windows phone).
webconsole starts, offers the controller, but trying to get my room selection page up I get the error message "Console error: Failed to build screen definition Additional Info: Screen ID = 55".
trying to get the webconsole running on my windows phone stucks by adding the controller. I get an empty page not being able to add the controller - so I have to choice to test...

I could not find anything about the message, so any ideas here?

thanks for your help!

Hi Achim,

I had the same error.
I then looked at the panel.xml file and at the screen, which failed to build. It turned out to be an incorrect grid definition.
In my particular case it was a grid, where I reduced the number of rows. But in one of the rows there was still a label in the rows, which were not part of the reduced grid anymore. I expanded the grid again and deleted the label. After that the screen was fine.

So it may be worth while to look at the screen definition in your panel.xml file to see whether there is something in there that is at fault.

Best wishes


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