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Dear all,
maybe I am not that deep into Openremote, but as far as I understood it is necessary to run a controller when I want to operate my KNX System via Ipad. Is it possible to control KNX directly (like in Openremoteknx) by providing the KNX Interface IP adress?

Thanks for your support

No, these are 2 separate products.
Either you use the OpenRemote console that connects to the controller that talks to your KNX system and in this case the controller needs to be running, either you use OpenRemote KNX and talk directly to your KNX IP interface.

Now, nothing prevents you from having both applications on your iPhone and going to the appropriate one depending on whether your controller is running or not.
The only thing to be careful about is whether your KNX IP gateway can support multiple connections at the same time (quite a few do not), so that if the controller is running and you use OpenRemote KNX, you won't have issues.

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