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Hopefully somebody are able to answer this.

Is it possible to control a Mac Mini over WIFI with OR?
I am using a Mac Mini as a Media Center and I use Plex to play movies/tv-shows etc.
I know it is possible if I purchase a IR-transmitter, but I am hoping i don't have to.

If it is possible, how do I go about doing this?
I already have other iPhone apps that can control the mac with VNC, but it would be nice to
have everything in one app.

Can Plex be controlled via HTTP? I know XBMC can.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 05, 2013 21:23

Yes, a quick Google search indicates that by running different
Http commands you van control the plex client. Thanks for the tip.

Do you know how to set up this in OR?

One command is eg:


Posted by istian at Oct 05, 2013 21:40

You can take a look at this howto:

Posted by mredeker at Oct 05, 2013 23:12

Works like a charm

I can now through http protocol control Plex on my Mac Mini.
For others that are interested.
This page shows the different commands to use:

Posted by istian at Oct 07, 2013 19:13

I am now able to control both my Denon receiver and my plex server.
However, I also use netflix on my mac mini to watch movies, however I can't find any way to control netflix via open remote. Any suggestions? The same goes for iTunes on my mac....

Posted by istian at May 02, 2014 14:29

For iTunes there's AppleScript for starting/stopping playlists etc. Othmar explains this in his How to Smart Home.

Posted by juha at May 05, 2014 19:17
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