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I've installed the controller per instructions. It is pretty straight forward. Unzip and use.

I am using openSuSE 12.2, fresh install.

I have done all the JRE installs and updates. I have also installed a standalone Tomcat now, hoping that would fix my problem.

I've put my OpenRemote files in the /usr/bin/ directory.

I am automatically starting the via systemd service, and when I type systemctl status openremote.service it gives me the message that it is running, but it also says that it

Could not find a controller definition to load at path '../webapps/controller/contr..on 2.0)

Also when I try and log into http://localhost:8080/controller I enter my username and password that work for the online designer and it fails saying that "The path 'file:/../webapps/controller' doesnt exist."

I thought maybe it was a permissions thing as I had read in other locations, but I installed everything as root, and set all the permissions for all the folders and files to be fully open to all users and I still get the error messages. I am thinking that I don't have something in the right path.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello James
I have the same problem with openremote and systemd.
When I start openremote on a console everything works fine.
Do you find any solution by yourself ???

kind regards

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