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Newbee here, Maybe some one can clean up some of my initial questions?

1. Is it possible to run open remote from an external drive?
2. Do I need to open terminal ever time to start the controller?
3. Once the controller is up and running and have opened safari, gone to the localhost page and synced will have to leave safari open?

Just trying to figure out if I may have install issues, startup issues, run issues, or even connection or controller issues. Not 100% that the install is running correctly?

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1. Probably, although I haven't tried.

2. You can set up an automated start with crontab. There's a detailed explanation how to do this in Othmar Kyas' How to Smart Home book (it's worth the price)

3. You can close safari once you've synced.

Posted by juha at Jan 31, 2014 14:48

Juha thank you for replying!

1. I have to admit the external drive is directly connected to my Mac Mini running the newest os Mavericks from Apple.
2. I have down loaded the PDF of the book and it has helped to an extent. I will finish reading it to day and see if there is any more tips I can see to help with this situation.
3. I have attached some photos, to see if it may help. No, I am not able to close either Safari, or Terminal. I am able to start both and sync, if I want to exit either it will terminate the controller.

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Posted by toadpacochico at Jan 31, 2014 16:21

#2: it is explained in chapter 14 of the ebook

#3: Safari is not connected to the controller so closing it will not have any impact. You can execute the controller on the background in the terminal with 'sh start' instead of 'run'.

Posted by juha at Jan 31, 2014 16:31

Thank you! I have read many, many of your post and the are nicely worded and very professional!

I was trying to load photos as you replayed.

A chapter I have to read as of yet. After this reply I will.

And thank you for the quick terminal code, I am kinda new to mac and terminal world.

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Posted by toadpacochico at Jan 31, 2014 16:39
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