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Hi I am trying to control mythtv using their services api but am having trouble working out the xpath to use to get the information out of the returned xml.
This is what is returned by the GetStatus command:

<FrontendStatus version="1.0" serializerVersion="1.1">
<String key="behindtime"/>
<String key="chanid">34750</String>
<String key="chapteridx">1</String>
<String key="description">0:25:25 of 1:02:25</String>
<String key="playedtime">0:25:25</String>
<String key="position">407</String>
<String key="progafter">0</String>
<String key="progbefore">0</String>
<String key="programid">EP012968460038</String>
<String key="remainingtime">37:00</String>
<String key="starttime">2011-11-14T17:59:00</String>
<String key="state">WatchingPreRecorded</String>
<String key="subtitle">Free Rick</String>
<String key="title">American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior</String>
<String key="titleidx">1</String>
<String key="totaltime">1:02:25</String>

How can I get just the "WatchingPreRecorded" from the state key?

Thanks for the help

Try OpenRemote 2.0 How To - Use XML Data Sources

Posted by pz1 at Oct 17, 2013 12:10

I have looked at that page but all the examples has different names for each element where as the in the response I receive they all named <String key= so am not sure how I can pick a specific value out of the list.


Posted by jasonc at Oct 18, 2013 10:31

You should google on XPath and see how that works.

For instance, you have this site:
Then you can use a site such as to test your expressions before using in OR.

For your specific case, use

as the XPath and you'll get what you want.

Posted by ebariaux at Oct 18, 2013 13:09

All have element name string, with attribute key.
The tutorial page I referred to does explicitly deal with this element/attribute issue. According to that page the XPATH for getting the state should be something like:


(I haven't tested this)

Posted by pz1 at Oct 18, 2013 14:55

Hi Thanks for the help, I eventaully worked out the problem I was having was that what was being returned
was not what was stated on the site above. Instead this is what was being returned:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<FrontendStatus xmlns:xsi="" version="1.0" serializerVersion="1.1">

And the XPATH required was //StringKey='state'/Value/text()

Thanks again for the help

Posted by jasonc at Oct 19, 2013 04:34

Was to quick in trying to match your question with the examples on the page I produced

I'll extend the page I referred to with something like your example, because that situation of multiple use of the same attribute is not yet covered.

Posted by pz1 at Oct 19, 2013 09:13

Thanks that will make it easier for others in the future.

I'll try and write a tutorial on controlling MythTV via HTTP once I work everything out.

Posted by jasonc at Oct 21, 2013 05:46

I tested your expression in my XML development suite. Apparantly the WIKI formatter spoiled your expression. It should be:


(I prefer to use the full path from the top-element in my XPATH expressions, that's why I included FrontendStatus/State)

PS1: For better readability enclose your code within {code}..{code} tags (see markup instructions). Do not place a / inside the end tag.
Formatting makes the code easier to read, which increases your chances to get an answer

PS2: MYTH apparantly changed their XML abandoning the attributes. I guess that is done to make it easier to maintain both a JSON and an XML interface.

Posted by pz1 at Oct 21, 2013 09:53
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