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Sorry Nooby Questions

I've managed to build my simple remote app using the designer and have got it working on my phone using the app from the Playstore.

The trouble is my laptop has to be on etc, etc. I want to run it as a standalone app. I've started going through the Building OpenRemote Android 2.0 Console on the site. I can get as far as Android list targets and get a reply but that is as far as I can get.

From there on I don't have the slightest clue what to do. Been trying loads of different combinations, my best result so far has been

android update project --subprojects --target android-18 --name OpenRemote --path

But am getting. ERROR: failed to combine working directory C:\Users\................ with project location The filename, directory name, or volume syntax is incorrect.

Thanks in advance and expect loads of other questions for the next bit

Erm, are you trying to build the Android app for a non-Android (i.e. Windows) PC?

You won't get Android code to run on Windows, unless you run it within the emulator - which would be a bit overkill, although it might work in theory.

I've got a couple of "shortcuts" linked up with the REST API, so I can send commands to OpenRemote via the defined panels I've defined, but without actually using a physical panel device (but I'm using that for voice control)

Posted by ptruman at Feb 10, 2014 15:14

I'm trying to build the app for my phone but using a windows PC to do it. I'm following the online guide but to be honest I don't have the slightest clue. I would like openremote to work as a stand alone app that will control my itach without connecting to a remote server

Posted by thekiteman at Feb 10, 2014 15:41

The Android console is just a client. You'd need to build the server component, not the console, and then tell the console to use the loopback ( address to talk to itself, as the server.....

In theory (given the server is Java based) you could run something like JBED to try to run it on the phone...

However, if it's on a phone, odds are you will (quite often) not be at home, and your device will not be on your home WiFi, and thus the commands won't work - and anything you write which needs status polling (i.e. get the current brightness of a Hue Bulb) will just 'fail' until you're back on the network. So not quite sure why you'd want to do that unless you can't run a server at all?

I run my server at home and have a VPN so I can access it over VPN when out and about - or you could do what some others are talking about and port forward from outside back to your server and implement Apache user/pass (.htaccess) security.

Posted by ptruman at Feb 10, 2014 16:30

Not interested in anything like status polling or controlling stuff when not at home, like I said just want it to control my itach.

I've ended up using mbhremote, does everything I want it to, plus it works with tasker and lets me control it when not at home

Posted by thekiteman at Feb 10, 2014 16:57
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