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I'm trying to setup my own designer website using "Beehive_3_0_0_Beta1" and "Designer_ProInstaller_2_14_0_20120912". I've managed it so far to get the beehive website to work (except for some errors regading the svn client) and I can also access the login page of the designer. The tables in the mysql database were created by the designer, but i've got no users and no user roles. Therefore I cannot log into the designer. (There are no errors in the logs when trying to login)

In the I found a configuration for an "userAccountService", but as I found out these UAS and DDS services are not published. Does this have something to do with this "professional version" I read on your page about or am I doing something wrong? And what exactly are the advantages of this "professional version" and can I install this version by just buying the software without any hardware or does this just work with the eBox?

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