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able to log into account when i try to validate the install using http://localhost:8080/controller i am told my account doesnt exist and corresponding error in cmd.

I have verified the account via email link.
Any help appreciated.

Just to be clear...

You have an OpenRemote Demo / free design account and you're running a Demo/Free controller?

Because if you've paid for a Pro account, then it looks like you have the wrong controller loaded.

To download the Pro Controller, please log into your Pro designer at
Then click on the resources icon in the top right hand corner, next to the log out icon.

A pop up will appear with a link to the Pro Controller zip.

Once you've got that loaded and running.

Open a browser and go to


From there you can sync your controller with your Pro designer account.

You'll also see the MAC address for your controller to link to your Pro designer account so that you can use the beehive remote access.

Good luck

Posted by mdar at Nov 02, 2015 21:07

I have bought a license for OpenRemote Professional Designer.
However I can't find any option on your website for creating an account and getting access to download for Professional Designer.
Kindly send me information about creating an account for Professional Designer.

Posted by gw400 at Dec 29, 2015 14:26


I think all the information you need should be in the email that is sent after you bought the Pro account.

If you can't find this email, try contacting the support team directly.


The download link for the controller will be top right hand corner of the online designer, once you've set up a designer user name.

Good luck

Posted by mdar at Dec 29, 2015 14:34
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