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More of a feature request then anything.

DACP - the audio control protocol used by Apple to control itunes.

It's been ported to Android/Java under GPLv3 here: so the heavy lifting has already been done, but can be used with Songbird, Foobar and others via plugins. If you have a music server/apple tv as part of your HA, this would make a great edition integrated into OR.

I think most of the work would have to be on the designer in adding dynamic list/search boxes and binding to the controls, and initial set-up, but all do-able I guess.

Anyway, thought I'd share..


Thanks for pointing it out, Phillip. I was earlier looking at how VLC accesses iTunes library content, this one looks good also.

Anybody out there want to integrate?

Posted by juha at Nov 28, 2010 12:24

This is great news! I have been thinking that something like that should be possible, now someone has done it!

I bought an Asus EEEBox EB1501 a few months ago, to use as iTunes server, and have spent quite some time getting Netremote control it the way I like. Got there to, say Pi/4, but Netremote always show new quirks, and with non-free software you end up begging the vendors for fixing simple bugs. (No, I am not going to give a speech, not this time...)

Posted by barf at Nov 29, 2010 21:21

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread as my first post, but was this ever implemented?

Posted by technicallygky at Jan 05, 2014 11:24

No, it hasn't been tackled yet.

For interacting with iTunes, there are also alternatives via scripting on Mac and Windows. For the UI, dynamic lists etc are not available (so the control is more restricted to play/stop/select playlist than browsing). Adding dynamic lists is quite a dedicated task.

Let us know if the protocol integration is something that would interest you.

Posted by juha at Jan 08, 2014 18:58

I have a customer that wanted me to tackle home automation for his new house and itunes integration is important to him, but I don't have the knowledge to do this. He will be purchasing the professional version of OR, and I will put a $250 bounty on getting this done if someone has the time and desire to dig into this and make it a reality. I know its probably worth more than that but that would be all I could do.

Any takers?

Posted by technicallygky at Jan 08, 2014 19:48

Why is iTunes important? Does he want to remote control his iTunes and have a Mac running 24x7?
I have my music collection on a NAS and iTunes can access it but my NAS can also play it or other UPnP devices.

Posted by mredeker at Jan 09, 2014 09:23

Exactly - he wants to remotely control his iTunes, and will have a mac running 24/7 hosting it.

Posted by technicallygky at Jan 09, 2014 11:04

Ok, in that case the Apple remote app whould do the job perfectly

Juha already mentioned that for a full integration OpenRemote is missing UI components.
You will only be able to use buttons (play, pause, next, prev) and slider for volume.
And some label fields to display current song title and artist.

Posted by mredeker at Jan 09, 2014 11:17

This is an important thing to him (my customer), so I need to find a way to make this work. Since I am ignorant when it comes to programming, I am pretty much at the mercy of the OR devs.

What would it take to add the necessary UI components for this to become a reality? How big of a project would it be for an experienced programmer to tackle? I know the dev's here seem to have their hands full, so if I started looking for a new programmer to bring into the community, what background knowledge should I be looking for in him/her?

Please forgive my persistence in this. I know that I won't be able to accomplish it on my own, but it needs to happen still so I am trying to find the way to make it happen.

Posted by technicallygky at Jan 09, 2014 11:53

That would take A LOT! Even for an experienced java programmer this would take quite some time and he needs to have in-depth knowledge of OpenRemote.
Also, you will have to update the iOS, Android and Web-Console to reflect this which are 3 big projects just by themself.
Maybe another solution would be more helpful (e.g. use OR for lighting and Apple remote for media) ?

Posted by mredeker at Jan 09, 2014 12:16

The customer has been very specific about wanting to handle it all in one app... not switching back and forth to do things. To be specific so we are discussing the same thing, he wants to be able to :
Pick a playlist to play and start it, select the speaker zone, and adjust the volume from within the same app that he will control the TV'sand multiple insteon devices with.

As far as other options, I guess it would be good to know what CAN be done and how - play, stop, select playlist as Juha mentioned since that might be enough with a good sales pitch lol. Also, are there alternatives to iTunes for handling a music library that is supported by OR?

Posted by technicallygky at Jan 09, 2014 13:02

XBMC would probably be an alternative which can be controlled with OR.
But the limitation on the UI components still exist.

Posted by mredeker at Jan 09, 2014 13:45

Hi Jesse,

Pick up a copy of How to Smart Home. It's worth the $5 of useful information that helps you get an idea about OR for your current or future projects.

There's a section there about iTunes integration, for Windows (using COM scripting) and Mac OSX via the provided integration. It doesn't give the full UI browsing experience but volume control, playlists etc. are there. It's the best resource to look at so far without going into deeper estimation of implementing new functionality.


– Juha

Posted by juha at Jan 09, 2014 20:03

Also, this video shows a media center integration Eric Bariaux has done with OR:

If you throw gifts at him, you may get Eric to tell you the system details and what he was using with the media center.

Posted by juha at Jan 09, 2014 20:13

The media center was not integrated into OR.
I was using a Popcorn Hour media player that was controller via IR.

I guess there are ways to currently implement something close to what you want but it'll require a bit of work.

There is no widget to e.g. display a list of items (e.g. a list of playlist to pick one from) but you can work around that the way it's done on some receivers OSD or e.g. with AMX panels. Use a series a predefined labels representing the lines of your display. Through rules you can manipulate the values of each label to simulate some kind of list.

You can also put a label on top of a button in the designer, so you can simulate dynamically setting the button title this way.

With enough creativity, time and dialog with the customer, I'm pretty sure you can already get very close to what he wants with the current features offered by OR.

As I understand, this is a commercial project, so you can always ask one of the OR certified integrators if they can help and provide you with a quote for the project.

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 12, 2014 14:55
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