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Another update on the ongoing work in the OR Boss. We are currently working on the following items/features:

Stateful UI components

Our controller implements a HTTP/REST API for panels and tools to integrate with. For pushing content back towards the panels we are making additions to the API to implement a server push-like functionality over HTTP. As many of you know, HTTP is a request-response protocol making a true bi-directional communication slightly challenging. We are following in the implementation what is now a pretty standard solution on keeping a background request active on the controller if no immediate status updates are available and releasing the HTTP request once updates arrive (or the request times out). For more details around this, there's an excellent summary on Google Docs about server "push" (a.k.a comet) as it relates to GWT (thanks to David Reines for pointing it out):

Profile service

Profile service is related to supporting different types and sizes of panel hardware. As we expand the selection of smart phones, MIDs, touch screens etc., being able to configure different styles of screen UI compositions based on device identity becomes important. This topic was briefly touched on a previous thread here as well: Panel Design, NG

Profile service revolves around identity, whether user or device identity. Going forward and building security services into OR Boss will also require a notion of identity. At this phase we will implement a simple authentication mechanism on our controller REST interface based on HTTP/1.0 Basic.

iPhone UI enhancements

Several discussions were here: Changes for the iphone.xml and here: Proposal for Gestures in new Panel UI XML

At the moment focusing on stateful UI components such as switches and monitors. On UI navigation side, explicit <navigate> elements into buttons and a definition of tab bars in the UI. Basic framework for gestures is also included.


Working on the online UI designer and modeler tools to support drawing of the new UI components into the panel layout, new layout elements and possibility to create UI compositions for different device types.

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