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how could i send the time from the timeDateProtocoll to my KNX.

I need the time to send it to my KNX Display

Thank you!

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I solved it with a rule that sends the date and time 2 times a day to the KNX
bus. You can edit the cron expression to get the rule to execute as often as you want.

The rule looks like this.

rule "Send Time and Date to KNX"

timer (cron: 0 5 0/12 * * ?)



"KNXtime" is a command that looks like this.

"KNXdate" is a command that looks like this.

Which version of the controller are you using? To be able to send the time and date with DPT.10.001 and DPT.11.001 you must have one of the latest beta versions of the controller, which supports DPT.10.001 and DPT.11.001. (I assume that your KNX display uses DPT.10.001 and DPT11.001 to set time and date?).

If you don't have a controller with that support, you can try with

Maybe Juha has a better controller alternative?

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