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Any way to get degree symbol to show up in Android console? I tried a few (like °) but nothing seemed to work. Ideas?

Degree.png (image/png)

I did it just in a label (see image; click to enlarge). In other places I got it directly in a string from a sensor

Posted by pz1 at Dec 30, 2013 15:51

Ahh. Okay thanks. I was trying & deg ; (with some spaces so it shows up) which wasn't working. But pasting the unicode character in works fine.

Posted by mdarwin at Dec 30, 2013 18:43

You can also do this via a rule. That saves you the second label after the sensor.

rule "format temperature"
$tempSensor:CustomState( source == "Temperature Sensor" )
$tempSensor.setValue(formatDouble(Double.valueOf($tempSensor.getValue()))+" °C");

Posted by hennemarc at Jan 03, 2014 20:25
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