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On the online designer, I've received this error message:

This occurs after I've opened a sensor "Temp SDD" and press 'ESC' to close the properties popup if I press the 'ESC' button before the command list has been populated. If the command list is populated, no error.
For information, the Sensor is a custom sensor

I've also noticed another error. Right after the login, I'm receiving the error message "Can't get panles from XML files!". But entering the "UI designer", the panels seem to be uploaded.

Hope that can help


designer.png (image/png)

For the second error ("Can't get panels from XML Files") please clear your browser's cache and then try again.

Posted by juha at Dec 07, 2011 13:14

Tracking the Javascript error in MODELER-261.

Thanks for reporting it.

Posted by juha at Dec 07, 2011 13:20

ok, that's resolved the issue.
Thank you

Posted by yannph at Dec 07, 2011 14:26
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