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Hi Marcus,

Eric told me you're working on the designer to introduce the "import ETS project" feature.
I'd like to help you on "alpha" testing this feature
Could you tell me if the current version in your workspace is ready for alpha testing?
Do I have to install other components on my computer in addition to BeeHive?

the version I committed this afternoon is working. You need an ETS4 .knxproj file which can be imported. After analyzing the file you get a list with all found group addresses and you have to select which one to import and also you have to assign command types. This can be done with just clicking into the table at the column.

Posted by mredeker at Jul 28, 2011 00:07

I added some more stuff and did some fixes to the ETS4 import.
The version in my workspace is ready for testing.

Posted by mredeker at Aug 02, 2011 16:39

Thank you Marcus,
I've spent a lot of time to setup BeeHive and the modeler. I was running GWT2.3.0
Currently, with your latest workspace 4717, the modeler with KNX import is running.
Some issue to logon, have to force the user in the DB, but i'm able to connect.
I'll test my first import during the week-end and let you know about the result


Posted by yannph at Aug 03, 2011 23:52

Hi, i'm trying to download this SVN because i'm very interested in testing KNX import feature but i get this message from the SVN repository:
"Repository moved temporarily to /viewvc/openremote/workspace/mredeker please REALOCATE /viewvc/openremote/workspace/mredeker"
I've tried to download with TortoiseSVN and SmartSVN, i'm doing something wrong?
Thanks you very much for your replies and apologies for my english.

Posted by amarquez at Aug 21, 2011 11:18

Solved! i've seen in another post that the correct path to svn is /svnroot/openremote, not /viewvc/openremote

Posted by amarquez at Aug 21, 2011 16:30
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