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I'm testing EnOcean on eBox. As EnOcean is not yet part of the pro controller I am using OpenRemote-Controller-2.1.0_EnOcean and for designer What I've noticed is that these tools are much faster than the original pro environment. For faster I mean that saving the design in designer is faster and syncing with the controller is much faster. I mean really much faster, takes about 1s, while the pro controller syncs usually for 10-20s, sometimes longer. Why is this difference in performance? Is it because EnOcean environment has less users? Or is there a different reason?

They're running on different servers with different configurations.
The Pro server is less powerful for now, but has fewer users to support too.

Although I could see the free one being faster when there are few users on it, a tenfold difference seems strange to me.
Thanks for pointing that out, we'll take a closer look.

Posted by ebariaux at May 21, 2013 12:05

Hello Michal,

We have done some tweaking on the Pro server. Do you see any improvement ?

Also, is the time you mention (20 sec or so) for saving or for syncing ? Sync on the controller is always very fast for me with a Pro account.


Posted by ebariaux at Jun 06, 2013 14:34
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