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I am trying to get back to designer. I do to designer.openremote.og and the page won't load. The error message is it is trying to redirect to a page that is redirecting back to the original. I tried on multiple computers and web browsers. Is the page inaccessible right now?


The 'r' is missing in org.

Posted by pz1 at Sep 06, 2014 07:43

I think that site was down. Today it gives this message:

"We'll Have More Soon

This domain has been parked. This site is currently under construction and we will have more for you soon.

For This Site Owners:
Please check subscription confirmation e-mail for instructions"

Url: is working but I cannot sync with my controller.

Posted by veikkopeikko at Sep 06, 2014 10:37

Thanks. It is up and working today.

Posted by klysdale at Sep 06, 2014 14:47

I am noticing that the save function is taking quite some time. I hit the save icon and it can be up to ten minutes before getting the save message in the lower right hand corner. It isn't just the message being delayed either as when I try to sync the iPhone app, my changes are not updated. It will will save eventually.

Posted by klysdale at Sep 06, 2014 16:31
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