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when make a new template in the online designer I found that it saves only the panel and not even the device.

The past behavior was that the new template contains all together, device and panels.

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Hi Max,

You are correct. We are currently discussing how to move forward with the template implementation including how to best restore device data.

Your feedback is most welcome.

– Juha

Posted by juha at Jun 17, 2012 00:31

Hi Juha,

thank you for your reply.

As far I can say, the concept of template here is most bonded to two things: the devices that we will use for control (iPhone, iPad, Android and PC) and the controlled devices (KNX, X10, Z-Wave, etc.).

The first objective should be to make a template library of every devices supported by Open Remote, including all sensors, sliders, switch and commands required to control the specific device. Then, a minimal graphic panel would complete the device's configuration, so it's ready for a basic usage. For example, I'm making a panel for k8055 board that includes all requirements for its control, as soon as it will be ready I will share the panel on the pubblic area of the Designer so everyone can load the template and everyone is ready to go to use it. This make more sense for the community.

In a second instance, it could be important to have only graphic templates because they reflects the final product. A product is not a device! A product should be compliant to the customer needs and could use more kind of devices.

In conclusion, the best thing would be that everyone can choise to save the device template, the panel template or the two things together. Obviously, the Designer should also expose a function for the template loading (for device or panel) by adding each one to the current Designer project.

That way a system integrators can build its product (not the device), simply by loading the templates that he/she needs.

On the other side, graphic agencies and graphicians can do their business by building graphic panels for final products. So, a system integrator with not graphic ability can buy panels from the market, attach it to the desidered devices and sell the final product (or solution).

This is my thought.

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Posted by demo at Jun 17, 2012 15:27

Good morning Juha,

Has there been any updates on this since 2012? It would be ideal that commands are saved to the template rather than just the UI layout.



Posted by tomas.morton at Aug 24, 2014 00:47

Nothing has changed w.r.t. saving commands and devices with the UI templates afaik.
There is an import facility planned, which may give some relief. There are also some discussions ongoing about copy and past parts of design.
As development has been slow lately, it is hard to predict if and when this functionality will be available.

Posted by pz1 at Aug 24, 2014 13:50


I've been looking at the database and it should be possible to insert things manually if there is a way to do that.
I have looked at the Beehive API's and it seems like I could write a small tool that will add the required commands to the users account through direct manipulation of the db.

Could you please check if this is possible?

Thank you,


Posted by tomas.morton at Aug 25, 2014 05:21

I'm afraid most of what's describe in this document (besides access to LIRC IR data) has never been implemented.
It's still the goal though to have all functionality going through a REST API.

Posted by ebariaux at Sep 08, 2014 07:28

Thanks for the reply Eric.

Do you have any recommendations then? Should we emulate the HTTP requests sent from the modeler as a quick solution? Or do you think we would be able to implement the required functions to save commands to template or continue work on the API?

Posted by tomas.morton at Sep 08, 2014 22:35
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