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I have removed this from the infrastructure thread.

I have added a few "lock-on-active" statements this afternoon.
I have tried to save the changes to the rules but did not get any respond. I got the impression the Designer is dead from some reason.
I have switched from Chrome to IE back and forth, tried a few times including changing attention from rules editor to some of the panels I have designed.
After a while saving was confirmed but....
From there onward, I am getting all kind of errors even when I have removed the "lock-on-active" statements like in ability to find a sensor etc.
I have no idea what is wrong. Most of the system is working but some buttons do not work. I was fine for a few months now.

So I did some digging.
It looks like the Designer has created wrong indexing of the sensors.

See the following for example: look for 187, 990 and 295 and see the error). 295 is linked to Switch 990 and to 187. There are few such error but the error is identical.
I post the controller.xml file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<openremote xmlns="" 
    <switch id="1220">
        <include type="command" ref="291" />
        <include type="command" ref="289" />
      <include type="sensor" ref="348" />
    <switch id="274">
        <include type="command" ref="27" />

    <command id="293" protocol="knx">
      <property name="command" value="status" />
      <property name="groupAddress" value="7/1/102" />
      <property name="DPT" value="1.001" />
      <property name="name" value="Irrigation (STATUS)" />
    <command id="294" protocol="knx">
      <property name="command" value="off" />
      <property name="groupAddress" value="7/1/2" />
      <property name="DPT" value="1.001" />
      <property name="name" value="Irrigation (OFF)" />
    <command id="7" protocol="shellexe">
      <property name="commandPath" value="~/openremote-shell-commands/" />
      <property name="name" value="Send WT Off Mail" />
    <command id="282" protocol="shellexe">
      <property name="commandPath" value="~/openremote-shell-commands/" />
      <property name="name" value="Send WT On Mail" />
    <property name="controller.roundrobin.multicast.port" value="10000" />
    <property name="controller.roundrobin.tcpserver.port" value="20000" />
    <property name="controller.groupname" value="floor20" />
    <property name="multicast.port" value="3333" />
    <property name="controller.groupmember.autodetect.on" value="true" />
    <property name="amx_ni.port" value="50000" />
    <property name="zwave.commLayer" value="" />
    <property name="copy.lircd.conf.on" value="true" />
    <property name="irsend.path" value="/usr/local/bin/irsend" />
    <property name="controller.applicationname" value="controller" />
    <property name="multicast.address" value="" />
    <property name="Macro.IR.Execution.Delay" value="500" />
    <property name="controller.roundrobin.multicast.address" value="" />
    <property name="zwave.comPort" value="" />
    <property name="zwave.pad.port" value="7876" />
    <property name="lutron_homeworks.password" value="openremote" />
    <property name="lircd.conf.path" value="/etc/lircd.conf" />
    <property name="lutron_homeworks.port" value="23" />
    <property name="lutron_homeworks.address" value="" />
    <property name="" value="localhost" />
    <property name="lutron_homeworks.username" value="openremote" />
    <property name="webapp.port" value="8082" />
    <property name="protocol.zwave.classname" value="org.openremote.controller.protocol.zwave.ZWaveCommandBuilder" />
    <property name="resource.upload.enable" value="true" />
    <property name="amx_ni.address" value="" />
    <property name="lagarto_network.broadcast" value="tcp://" />

As far as I have seen, I am not the only one having this situation. Do not remember what was the topic and how it was resolved.

Need help from Admin.

Your account panels were restored to a copy from June 17th and were again working correctly in my tests.

Posted by juha at Jun 18, 2013 11:31

Hi Juha.

I will put back all my rules and see if all is OK.

Can you tell me what happened?

Posted by niraviry at Jun 18, 2013 15:25

There was an index variable which for some reason wasn't restored correctly on loading your account data into designer and was reset to zero. The designer code didn't spot this error and therefore continued to save a new version of your design using a wrong index. This caused the duplicate IDs in the controller.xml which lead to the errors you saw.

Rolling back to a previously saved designer data restored the issue which included the correct index value and therefore saved component IDs correctly.

How the original index value read failed is still not clear.

Posted by juha at Jun 19, 2013 11:19

Hi Juha.

1. Now all is OK.
2. As I have told you the server had some kind of lag. A very long one which efectively did not perform saving at all.
Thanks for helping.

Posted by niraviry at Jun 19, 2013 15:46
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