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  • add customizable text label for on/off status.


  • enable (fix) values for any dpt to be sent/written, not only 0 and 1.
  • you are mixing together values and command type (read/status, write) in one field. the drawback is you couldn't easily send a value that at the same time describes a command type (e.g. "status").
  • add or substract a fix value (step size) from a given sensor and send the result to a command (setValue). Useful for setTemperature instead of using slider. Step size should be customizable starting from at least 0.1.


  • allow status display when there is no setValue for the slider.
  • remove the "knob" on the slider when setValue is missing.
  • allow the status display within a given range, even it is smaller than the dpt size. useful for actual temperature display.
  • allow both status display and setValue within a given range with customizable step size starting at 0.1. useful for accurate setTemperature. example: range from 19 to 23 with 0.5 step, there is 9 possibilities than the quite unuseful 100 or 255 that makes accurate input hardly possible.


  • whereas the slider provides the setValue, button and switch doesn't.
  • tell each button and switch what value to send. so we don't need 10 commands for a very group address in case we want that many buttons sending different values to it. useful for scenes.
  • for rules each output command would have its own value, so for the macro.
  • allow just read commands (button, macro, rule) to be sent in order to eventually update other group participants, ourselve or the whole group.


  • throttle the sensors setup at controller start.




  • add pre-/postfix text input. so the value type can be displayed when the label displays a sensor value, e.g. 20.1 °C or 23% (an extra factor definition could be helpful to scale 0-255 and greater dpt's properly into % (actualy most dpt's are providing the type by their very numbers, 5.001 scaling, 5.003 angle etc. so if we could add some auto-detection?). this would eliminate the need to place an extra label. EDIT: put all known value types (°, %, lux, km/h etc.) into a drop-down and do some scaling if needed.


  • add long operation support to send a second command.
  • short: command is sent immediately after short pressing-releasing the button.
  • long: keep pressed the button for a definable time for the long command to be sent.
  • disable the long command, if short has a repeat option set.
  • a repeat option can be applied to long as well.
  • make each repeat option customizable for interval, speed etc.
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