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I've been using the online designer for a few months now. It just started acting up where, if I hit 'save', the pop-up dialog in the lower right says, "500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details time".

It actually saves my changes, in that I can log out and back in, and my changes are there. However, when I try to update my controller, the update says it succeeds, but my changes are not there.

Any idea why this is happening?

I hit it a few times to get several log times in case the logs are busy, they'll have several areas to look.

All Pacific Standard Time (PST -0800): 12:19:25, 12:19:36, 12:19:43.



Never mind. I figured it out.

I created a loop in my macros. I had one macro to call Get on all the lights on 1st floor. I had another macro to do the same for the 2nd floor. I had buttons for each, on separate pages with the sliders and switches for their respective floor. I then thought it'd be nice that, if I click the button for Get on the 1st floor, it do all the 1st floor ones, then do the 2nd floor ones. And, vice-versa. Not thinking it through, I went to the 1st floor macro and added the 2nd floor macro as the last item. I then went to the 2nd floor macro and add the 1st floor macro at the end. Oops!

It would be nice if we could be alerted to the error or something that would help us narrow down the failure instead of just giving a 500 and pointing to a log that we don't have access to.

I see that people have posted about the 500 error for a few years. Any thoughts to add more descriptive errors?


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