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Please have a look at this video related to the new KNXWEB application:

Even if it's a french video, two very good ideas are illustrated to help the design of Panels and that might improve the OpenRemote Designer:

  • SubPage: it's a kind of widget that we can design to be reused several time on the same page or on different page. This widget is a set of UI objects. The very nice feature is that this widget can be designed with dynamic parameters. In the video, they've created a "Heater controller" with "Text" parameters like "Room_Name" and "Object" parameters like "Mode" and "Consign". This widget can be "instancied" for every room at design time. The only thing to do is to set the "RommName" parameter for each each and link with the KNX object for the "Mode" and "Consign"
  • Graphical Rules Engine. I know that OpenRemote will come with a Rule Engine, but I don't know how we'll use it. In this video, there is a short presentation of a graphical interface to define rule (last minute of the video).



Thanks Yann,

We definitely are looking to add something similar to sub-pages to OR. Their idea for passing parameters around is interesting, I'll think about how this can apply to us.

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