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I'm currently running the latest pro version of OpenRemote to take advantage of the support for more than 10 z-wave device. I would however be interested in developing my own custom protocol. Is it possible to do custom protocol development and run it under the pro version of Openremote?


You can do your own protocol I guess. Do bear in mind that Z-Wave is not open source. You would need to purchase a development kit from Sensys, which is a few thousand dollars. The alternative is trying to integrate with OpenZwave.
Another option is to use the Micasa Verde Vera for which there is a protocol in the PRO version of OpenRemote. (IIRC this will be/has been released tothe free version as well.)

Posted by pz1 at Nov 23, 2013 08:51

I appreciate your response, although I'm not sure my question was answered. I'm not interested in doing any z-wave development. I'm happy with the z-wave functionality within Openremote Pro. I only brought up z-wave to point out that I need Openremote Pro since I have more than 10 z-wave devices that I'm controlling.

My question is: Can I do custom protocol development for Openremote Pro, or does any sort of custom development mean that I'd have to use the opensource version of Openremote?


Posted by dwaun at Nov 23, 2013 17:08

Hi Dwaun, there are certainly options. Typically you can contribute a new protocol which we can add and certify in the pro-designer. If you don't want to distribute it, there is the option of a commercial license for the Professional Designer branch. Just mail me at 'pierre at openremote dot org' if you like to discuss.

Posted by pierre kil at Nov 24, 2013 07:15
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