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I have been using iRule and Roomie remotes to control my AV equipment. I occasionally tinker with OpenRemote.

Roomie has a nice feature; when you click "Add Device" it automatically detects various devices on your network, and gives you their IP address, MAC address. I believe it uses multicast to detect the devices. This simplifies the user experience of setting up control of the device.

Examples of devices it finds on my network include: Denon receiver, several Global Cache iTach devices, Sony Blu-Ray Player, Tivo Roamio/Premiere Media Player, Kodi 12+ Media Player.

I now set static IP addresses on my devices. But if you have a dynamic IP address and it changes, Roomie will detect a previously configured device and continue to work.

Would it be possible to add the ability to autodetect Itach device in the designer, as a first step?

The mechanism used by the Global Cache devices (also the GC-100 series with firmware version 3) is called an AMX Beacon.

FWIW, I have implemented a Java AMX Beacon listener class (see also this) that probably can be use more or less directly. GPL3-licensed.

Posted by barf at Jan 10, 2015 08:36

That would be a nice feature to add to OR. I am not a programmer, so I cannot do it.

FWIW, I have a Digiport TS16 IP2Serial device. These devices have a proprietary discovery protocol (called Advanced Digi Discovery Protocol or ADDP) which is documented in this blog: . The author has a java program on SourceForge with an Apache 2 license, called JDigiDiscover.

Posted by desertdog at Jan 10, 2015 14:58

We're aware that this kind of feature would be a very nice and useful feature for all users.

It's just that doing it right requires quite a bit of plumbing in place (which we're currently doing but is not visible yet).
For instance, an issue to be dealt with is that it's the controller that is running on your local network and will be able to discover the devices such as the GC, but you want this information to be available in the designer. So an appropriate communication mechanism must be in place.

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 11, 2015 17:53

Device recognition would be very nice indeed, but because of the lack of standardised device ontologies, I am afraid very hard to make for a wide range of protocols.
I'd rather have a (XML based) import facility for devices. Unfortunately the present import facility of Pro-designer does not yet seem to have that option.
For example, the interfacing with ZWay (RaZberry) seems quite doable. The necessary OR elements can easily be extracted from the ZWay data tree. This approach would make users less dependent on OR tools development.

Posted by pz1 at Jan 12, 2015 10:54
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