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I have been using OpenRemote for a while now and the forums have been an amazing resource. I did run into a problem when trying to communicate with a DirecTv Genie Mini client. The information in this forum allowed me to control the Master Genie DVR through the http protocol. But to control the client you need to append the URL with the client address. It turns out that the client address is the MAC address of the Mini with no colons and it must be in all caps. As an example:


That last bit of client addressing took many hours of research. I just wanted to share what I found in hopes that it could help someone in the future.

OpenRemote is a great product which I am using to control our whole house (Z-wave lighting, Telnet for MythTV and Yamaha receiver, TCP/IP for Global Cache IR, http for DirecTv, and Drools).

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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