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Trying OpenRemote to evaluate an Everspring ST814 coupled with an Aeon Labs Z-Stick.
Attempting to follow OpenRemote instructional docs:
Downloaded & Installed OpenRemote,
Created a free account on Designer.OpenRemote,
Up to the point where (for 'Free Designer' Users) it directs me to
docs:Discover Controller Z\-Wave Devices
to check the controller logs for the appropriate device information.

Stuck there for the longest time ... until I discovered that your help page I was reading apparently contains a dead link. Googled some discussion that seemed to include a page on the OpenRemote website bearing this name ... received server response that the page bearing this name was deleted. Does this imply that the free version no longer supports manually entering devices? Or has the instruction page been accidentally saved with a different name such that the links on the other pages don't take one there anymore?


Apparently there are saved archives of the page at, but one needs an account to retrieve old pages.

Could someone fix the link, or reply with the correct link, or disclose why it's gone if its removal was intentional?


Did I neglect to include that I'm talking about the website?

The server responses with the OpenRemote logo, and beneath that states:
"A page with this title has been deleted. Contact your space administrator if you would like it restored."

Your "How To" pages direct you here. For example:

Whatever tool rebuilds these webpages recognizes the page is gone, and substitutes what used to be a link for the text "docs:Discover Controller Z\-Wave Devices". This is where I was stuck yesterday until I recognized it was meant to link to a page no longer on your website.

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