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I'm interested in displaying a counter on my panel as follows:

When a user pushes the button to switch on a light, a counter will start and show the hours and minutes that this light has been on. Once the light is turned off, the counter will end. The lights will only be triggered from the panel and not from a wall switch. I'm thinking the code will be simple, but i'm new to Open Remote. Is this something that should be created as a rule? Any thoughts?


Hmm, yes but I'm thinking it requires storing the counter value in an in-memory command construct so a sensor can be created which displays the value on the touch panel.

Which works in code but the Designer application currently restricts the values to on/off instead of arbitrary integer value. Which is a restriction I promised to relax if someone writes a documentation for the in-memory variables first. Which no one has done yet. So I guess I need to do it myself.

Stay tuned.

Posted by juha at Jul 03, 2013 16:31

This sounds similar to what I am after. I have a webcontrol8 PLC from CAI networks. I need to use a value obtained from one of the signed integers on the webcontrol to display in openremote UI. The value I want to see in UI needs to be translated, i.e. when openremote polls webcontrol for current time in seconds, webcontrol will give a value between 0-86400, which corresponds to the current second of the day, UTC. I would like to have the time displayed in UI, in a more user friendly format, i.e. CH:CM:CS. I am thinking this will need to be written as a rule. Guidance?

Posted by nbright83 at Nov 19, 2013 18:13
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