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I have OR working well with Logitech harmony remote to control tv, amp, floor light, projector,screens etc.
I am trying to get the esp8266 chip working as I could then build wifi controlled lights, gate openers, pool pump controllers etc for less than $20(AU) each.
I have a very basic server running on the wifi chip which I can control from OR using telnet. I can turn on and off but the icon on OR doesn't update until the sensor runs(currently every 10 seconds). Problem appears to be that when the sensor command is sent from the controller, the wifi chip replies with the output state, but when the switch is operated for on or off, one packet is sent followed by a 2nd packet.The command is received on the wifi chip, output is changed and new state is returned, but not received by controller. I think the 2nd packet sent after the switch command is blocking it. I have tried putting a delay in before sending but whatever I have tried nothing works. Java does not appear to see the return packet at all.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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