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Hi I've bought an Ebox for my OR implementation which I hope will be a bit more performant than the Raspberry Pi. I am having a lot of trouble getting a clean Ubuntu Linux installed with their drivers. I am using an SD card and followed the rather dated instructions I can find on the web. Has anyone got this working with OR using just an SD card and if so how did you do it? In fact ideally if I can get hold of a working OR/Linux image then I would be very happy!!

After a week or two of pain I can report that the Ebox is a pretty good platform for OR. I ended up installing Windows XP which meant buying an external CD/DVD off ebay as well as a 3.5inch sata hd.
The ebox seems to be much faster that the Raspberry Pi I replaced. The only issue was finding a version of Java but I found a release 1.6 U22 which is fine.

Posted by jules_bike at Nov 20, 2013 20:49
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