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Is it possible at the moment to read energy consumption from one of these devices?

I have it working with everything except energy


Not yet with the native Z-Wave solution in OpenRemote. Maybe the alternative Z-Wave integrations with Micasaverde Vera or Razberry have a solution. There is a guy who has been working on Aeotec and Razberry. I just asked him if he has been successful.
Edit: See his response here

Posted by pz1 at Jun 11, 2013 12:57

Thanks for the quick response. The Razberry isn't available in Australia yet but it's good to see someone has implemented the energy reading. I do know vera have it as well. Do you think it will be implemented in open remote? The vera solution isn't ideal for what we want to do (write custom apps to sit on top of z-wave).


Posted by carda at Jun 12, 2013 00:35


We currently cannot open source the Z-wave development due to the license restrictions Sigma Designs places on their implementation, and so need to fund the Z-wave development by other means.

If the energy reading is sufficiently interesting to you, we can include it as part of a development contract. If interested, feel free to contact sales at openremote dot org or send email to me directly at juha at openremote dot org

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– Juha

Posted by juha at Jun 12, 2013 00:42
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