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I have a Honeywell/Ademco Alarm system, specifically the Vista 20P. I use the Envisalink 3 with this system since it's compatible with both DSC and Honeywell systems.

I found the instructions for using OpenRemote and an Envisalink with a DSC security system but none for the honeywell. I think the configuration would be very similar except for the commands are different between the two models. Anyone ever had any luck?


Hi Sal,

I wrote some integration code between my Vista 128bp and open remote but I use the ad2usb product instead to decode the Ademco bus. I'm not familiar with the Envisalink product, but if you'd like to see how I got it working, here is my code.

It allows me to arm/disarm and basically have a virtual keypad within Open Remote. Eventually I am going to better keep track of the partition/zone status, etc, and bridge over other Open Remote sensors so they can act as other zones within my Ademco/Honeywell alarm system.

Its the AD2USB folders.


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